When it comes to assuring the future success of your nonprofit organization, nothing is more important than selecting the right person to lead.

If there is one thing we’ve learned over our thirty years working in the non-profit sector, it’s that every nonprofit is only as great as the people who lead it. Leadership matters. Investing the time and resources needed to find and recruit the right person to be your next President/CEO or Executive Director is the most important decision you will make for the future of your nonprofit.

It is critical to have leaders with the right combination of competencies, experience, vision, and drive. At the same time, missional alignment and cultural fit are of equal importance. Many who come to us for assistance are also seeking a leader who will be effective at raising the resources needed to grow and expand their organization. It’s not easy to find someone who will hit the mark in each of these areas.

That’s where we come in. DBA Executive Search & Recruitment specializes in finding and recruiting exceptionally qualified nonprofit Presidents, CEOs, and Executive Directors.

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Recruiting President CEO Executive Directors for Nonprofits“Our United Way hired DB&A to assist us in recruiting and hiring a new CEO. We found them to be exceptionally good to deal with. Their experience with nonprofits was very helpful to us in our CEO search. They are cooperative, responsive, and quickly caught on to our local circumstances and needs. They worked hard to get to know us, anticipate issues, and work efficiently. I think you will be very pleased with what they have to offer, and we would highly recommend their services.”
Lynn Bush - Board Chair | United Way of Bucks County, PA

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