No other search firm in the nonprofit sector offers better guarantees.
In fact, we'll even guarantee that too.

Most executive search firms shy away from guarantees. We embrace them. Our guarantees set DickersonBakker Executive Search apart from any other search firm in the non-profit sector:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our services. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel our services at any time with just thirty days’ notice.

One-Fee Guarantee

Unlike some other firms, when you hire DickersonBakker Executive Search to help you fill a job opening, we agree on one fee and guarantee we’ll find you a placement, not just send you candidates. Our work isn’t done until you’ve completed the hire. If for any reason your final candidate falls through and we have to start all over again, it won’t cost you a penny more. That’s guaranteed.

Two-Year Placement Guarantee

If a candidate placed by our firm is terminated or resigns on account of performance-related issues within two years from the hire date, we will conduct one replacement search for no additional retainer. In an industry plagued by short tenures and frequent turnover, this represents significant value for your nonprofit organization.

“Our Two-Year Placement Guarantee sets us apart from every other search firm out there in the non-profit sector. Not only do we guarantee that we will successfully find and recruit a successful placement for your position opening, we also guarantee our placements for two whole years. Given that most nonprofits these days are plagued by short tenures and regular turnover amongst their staff, this represents a significant added value to any non-profit organization. No other search firm I know of offers anything like this, and it is an indication of the level of commitment we make to our clients.”Derric Bakker - President, DickersonBakker Executive Search

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