A Nonprofit Executive Search Firm Can Help Your Organization Find and Recruit Top Talent for Your Key Leadership & Fundraising Positions

When it comes to assuring success in nonprofit organizational leadership, nothing is more important than selecting the best person for a job. A nonprofit executive search firm specializes in finding the most qualified and competent individuals to help lead a nonprofit organization to success. From executive directors to organizational development directors, nonprofits need experienced leaders to move their mission forward. Regardless of size or annual budget, any nonprofit can benefit from an executive search process that helps locate the right person for your organization.

What Is the Process involved with a Nonprofit Executive Search?

nonprofit executive search process involves certain key steps. When you engage Keystone Consulting to help you find a key leader for your organization we seek to do two things. First, we will walk you through a seven-step structured process to find, evaluate, present, and recruit the best available candidates for your position. More importantly, however, we seek to stay flexible to respond to unique circumstances that may arise or specific needs or requests that you--the client--have as a key partner in the process. Click here for more detailed information on the steps involved in a Nonprofit Executive Search process.

Does a Nonprofit Executive Search Firm guarantee their placements?

This is a critical question to ask when comparing nonprofit executive search firms. Most nonprofit executive search firms don't guarantee their placements, but the most reputable firms will. You should expect at least a one-year guarantee. Our Two-Year Placement Guarantee sets Keystone Consulting Services apart from any other nonprofit executive search firm in the business. Not only do we guarantee that we will find and recruit a successful placement for your position opening, we also guarantee our placements for longer than any other firm.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Nonprofit Executive Search?
While every nonprofit executive search process is somewhat unique, it usually requires three to four months to complete. The highest level or more complex nonprofit executive searches may take up to six months. We are able to customize our process and services for many circumstances however, so please
contact us to discuss your specific needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Nonprofit Executive Search Firm?

The investment you make is determined by the service level you choose and the type and
salary range of each position. The costs to complete a nonprofit executive search will be determined upfront and can be either a fixed fee or a percentage rate of the base salary. In addition you will be responsible for a variety of expenses associated with the search process, including advertising, candidate/consultant travel, personality assessments of candidates of interest, and other fees. The best way to determine the actual cost is to
contact us so that we can prepare a customized proposal based on your specific needs.

Keystone Consulting Services LLC specialize in conducting nonprofit executive search and recruitment services for these types of positions: President/CEO, Executive Director, Director of Development, Vice President of Advancement, as well as many other types of Vice President-, Director-, and C-level positions (CFO, COO, etc.) within non-profit organizations.

With our corporate office in North Carolina and full-time consultants living in several states, our team at Keystone Consulting has served organizations
across the United States.

Our team members have worked with clients in North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, California, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Indiana, Arkansas, Virginia, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Massachusetts, Missouri, Hawaii and Alaska (among others), as well as in
Canada and several countries overseas, including the United Kingdom, European Union, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and others.

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